All you want to know about indoor grilling is here!

Recently, indoor grilling is one of the demanded appliance in consumers. But as usual, every appliances has it’s own advantages and disadvantages. It depends upon the consumer’s preferences. Before, purchasing an indoor grilling, make sure that why you need it and which type of grill will be good for you, on the basis of price, size and type.

Advantages of indoor grill

It is easy and prepares fast

If you want to make a great grilled meal in no time, an outdoor grill or fire pit is probably not the perfect way to do it. Lighting charcoal or wood and getting nice hot embers for cooking takes a long time and space. With an best indoor grill, you can get your grill hot and ready to cook in no time.

You can stay indoor

For those of you who don’t like the great outdoors, or if the weather is simply not good for outdoor grilling, you can always grill your food by sitting at home. As you are cooking at home itself, you are free from worries like is it healthy or not.

It avoids the mess

The preparation and clean-up is much easier in indoor grilling than for an outdoor grilling. No need to shovel ashes, haul charcoal or wood, and no staining your hands with soot and ash. An indoor grill is fast to set up and does not require wood or charcoal so there is less mess and less clean up. Just throw your grill in the sink to soak after using it and pretty soon you can just wash it like any other kitchen utensil.

The heat can be easily controlled

With an indoor grill, controlling your cooking heat is as easy as adjusting your burner heat or turning an electric node. Whereas controlling the heat on a wood burning or charcoal grill can be difficult and slow while on indoors you can do it in no time.

You can also make grilled sandwiches

As mentioned above, some indoor electric grills can double as a sandwich maker. The classic Italian panini sandwich and the French Croque Monsieur both require a two sided sandwich press like this but you can make a huge assortment of toasty sandwiches as well as grilled meats on these handy electric grills.

Different recipes can be tried

Pretty much anything you can make on an outdoor grill or fire pit you can make on an indoor grill, with a few exceptions. In fact, you can make sandwiches on an electric press grill which you can’t really do on a charcoal grill. You can also make some things that would fall through the grates of an outdoor grill, like finely chopped vegetables. Indoor grilling is definitely versatile.

Disadvantages of indoor grill

Heat distribution is different

This may not be immediately obvious, but the way food cooks on a stovetop grill and on a barbeque is very different. A barbeque, because there is open space between the grill grates, allows the food to be exposed to radiant heat from the coals or firewood. This kind of heat is very effective at cooking food quickly and evenly. You also get conductive heat from the contact of the hot grate with the food. Indoor grilling is mostly based on conductive heat from where the food touches the grill pan. You don’t get as much radiant heat to the parts of meat that are not in contact with the grill so food can cook a bit less evenly if you aren’t careful.

Slow cooked roasts are easier on a grill with a lid

A stovetop grill pan or electric sandwich maker are great for quickly grilling up a piece of meat or thick slices of vegetables. However, for slow roasting a bigger piece of meat (like a whole chicken, a rack of ribs or a leg of lamb for instance) you need a lot of ambient heat, a slightly lower temperature (so the inside will cook before the outside gets charred!) and a lid to keep that ambient heat swirling around your food. An indoor grill does not create much ambient heat, just conductive heat where the food is touching the grill. So an outdoor grill or fire pit with a lid really shines here. If you want to make this kind of food indoors, either the oven or a rotisserie oven should be used.


Today grilling indoor has become a new trend and at the same time a part of life for most of the people. As mentioned earlier, there are advantages and disadvantages but it all depends upon the consumer’s preferences. But never forget that nothing is perfect. An indoor grill has more benefits compared to outdoor one. It takes less space, low price compared to the outdoor grilling, cooks fast, easy to clean and many more. So just have an indoor grilling and enjoy your favorite food at your home itself!…



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