Established in 2000 by avid wine lovers Michael and Elva Knight, and David Olson, Kiler Grove Winegrowers is a family-owned and operated enterprise that produces Rhône-style wines from grapes grown on ten acres near Paso Robles, California. Winemaker Michael Knight draws on 40+ years of grape growing and wine making experience to craft well–balanced wines that span Old World and New World styles. With the winery’s move to South Salt Lake this year, Kiler Grove is now Utah’s First Urban Winery.


Winemaker Michael Knight’s experience making wine in the harsh climate and alkaline soil of the southwest taught him several lessons about winemaking. He learned that these conditions make site selection critical and vigilant grape management a must. Those lessons have come full circle now and are the basis for Kiler Grove Winegrowers’ decisions on vineyard and wine development.

From the start we set a goal that we would not ever settle for good enough. We want the best, and we insist at every turn, every decision, that we choose the path that will most likely take us to the best wine possible. If it doesn’t grow under our direct care it doesn’t go into our bottles. From the very first grapes we took from this vineyard we have seen that each varietal is expressing the best characteristics by which it is known all around the world. The Zinfandel is full of the famous dark fruit flavors accented with spice and smoke. The Petit Sirah is the small-berried rich and dark fruit, classic in flavor and aroma. The Mourvèdre is earthy, smooth, and classical. The Grenache expresses all of the big berry flavors and aromas it is famous for. The Trebbiano fully expresses the crisp citrus/pear character only possible at full ripeness.

We don’t make many wines because we don’t know of any other grape varietals that would succeed in our vineyard at the same level of quality as those we have planted. Our strategy is to grow the best fruit, handle it in the least intrusive manner, blend the wines with the goal of making the whole greater than the sum of the parts. We know no other way to ensure that with every bottle we offer you a top tier wine experience. It has never been easy. It has never been quick. But it has been a labor of love for all of us involved.”

June 1, 2017